Te Marama

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Written and directed by Pearl Hotene, Te Marama played at the Meteor theatre in 2004 and also at Garden Place. It was the story of a young woman discovering both herself and her Maori heritage in a modern Hamilton that at that time all but obscured what had gone before.

Told through a series of conversations between herself, her Nana and Spirits of the past, Te Marama calmly reclaimed a Hamilton history that had been hidden from sight for too long. Who had known that the top of what is now known as Wintec hill had been a sacred site, or that the corner of Victoria Street and Claudelands Road had been an urupa?


Mark Liu
Mark Liu


For the last 8 years, Mark worked with different institutes and agencies in New Zealand as a lecturer, illustrator and senior designer. Having previously worked as a multi-disciplinary problem solver for years, Mark brought a depth of experience and the ability to create design and to teach in multi-medium. Mark is enjoying constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. And he is particularly enjoy implementing all those ‘cutting-edge ideas’ into practical and functional design solutions.

Mark is looking forward to involvement in new challenges and innovative research opportunities for the years to come in Mediarts