Born in ASU – Meteor Theatre 2002

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Born in the ASU was one of those things where you wished you’d been part of making but hadn’t. Instead you considered yourself lucky to walk out of a rainy Waikato winter’s night and into a guided tour where you were told that if you wandered off the paths the guide “would not be responsible.”

At a time when the world had become terrified by terror there was a sense of sanity when you walked in through the doors. Here was world class alternative theatre right on the doorstep. It was organised by the usual suspects of the independent scene at the time — Mark Servian, Sandra Jensen, Alec Forbes, Emit Snake-Beings, Adrian Holroyd, just to name a few. They were our unsung heroes, the liberators of our minds, the ones that reminded us that pax Americana was part of the social imaginary and we their unwitting stooges on the other side of the planet.


Mark Liu
Mark Liu


For the last 8 years, Mark worked with different institutes and agencies in New Zealand as a lecturer, illustrator and senior designer. Having previously worked as a multi-disciplinary problem solver for years, Mark brought a depth of experience and the ability to create design and to teach in multi-medium. Mark is enjoying constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. And he is particularly enjoy implementing all those ‘cutting-edge ideas’ into practical and functional design solutions.

Mark is looking forward to involvement in new challenges and innovative research opportunities for the years to come in Mediarts