Beatstreet Graf crew 2010

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Beatstreet was Hamilton’s premiere hip hop summit for youth and ran every year for ten years at the Meteor theatre. B-boys and B-girls battled it out for supremacy on a square of black and white vinyl, and out the back the organisers made miracles happen with the help of invisible legions that somehow always managed to materialise out of the shadows.

The Graf crew of 2010 knew that this Beatstreet would probably be the last one. There’s only so much silk purse you can make out a pig’s ear of funding after all. Here on the walls of the Meteor that had always been there for the community, they left their mark. Some remnant of ten years of memories and good times writ large in the loading zone, out the back, where those who counted would see it.


Mark Liu
Mark Liu


For the last 8 years, Mark worked with different institutes and agencies in New Zealand as a lecturer, illustrator and senior designer. Having previously worked as a multi-disciplinary problem solver for years, Mark brought a depth of experience and the ability to create design and to teach in multi-medium. Mark is enjoying constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. And he is particularly enjoy implementing all those ‘cutting-edge ideas’ into practical and functional design solutions.

Mark is looking forward to involvement in new challenges and innovative research opportunities for the years to come in Mediarts